A Month of Writing


This month, November, is national novel writing month- NaNoWriMo. A month to let your creativity flow without bound and just write. No editing. No doubting. All you have to do is write. The goal is 50,000 words. I can’t imagine to have that much to work with at the end. That means the hardest part of the writing process is over. Of course you aren’t going to have an amazing novel worthy of publishing as soon as your done, but that comes in the editing, reworking, and reshaping of your story.

This concept of pushing yourself to 50,000 words accomplishes its goal very nicely. When I first thought of setting a word count as my goal, I thought it maybe pointless. That would be just a heaping pile of hooey- just words. But if you think about it, that goal makes you push past the doubts you run into when originally writing. No more second guessing characters, plot twists, or what seem like wasted conflicts.

That big pile of hooey gets narrowed into small treasures that may have never appeared.

Big pile of hooey may sound like something you wouldn’t want to dig through.

Maybe we should think of another metaphor.

However, cheers to a month of constant writing. Cheers to goals. And cheers to creativity!


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