Always a first….


So, to try my hand at this blogging. I’ll let you know a little about myself. My name is Devin. I’m a college student at the University of Oklahoma. I go to school for electrical engineering, but have a passion of writing. And that is more of what this blog is about. My writing consists of many things. Poetry and novels being the main two of interest.

This blog’s purpose, however stupid as it may sound to me now, is simply to find a bigger audience. I feel as though I can write and i aspire to be bigger. So, in an attempt to connect to fellow writers or just story lovers I created this blog.

As far as the substance of the blog? Now that’s a good question. I’m all about symbols in life, metaphors in speech, and stories of hope and happiness. My journey, the processes, the failures, the struggles, and all the like will be involved along with the emotion I was born with. Telling you my take on the inspirations I have looked to during my life. This is my first one and this is my experiment.

This is my introduction. So thanks for reading and to those who will read. I hope you enjoy and it’s nice to meet you!