That moment when an idea that you think could be the beginning of a bestselling novel surfaces in your head. That moment when you drop everything you are doing just to jot down some notes to help you remember that grand idea.

Those are the moments that make the creative process fun to me. At that moment you are so excited that you just came up with something that you don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s just perfect.

Now I know that most ideas do not pan out. Most grow into something you dislike or that just do not have enough substance to become anything.

But, when an idea filters through to something worth writing, you get a real eureka. The moment you see the look on a peer’s face when you bounce the idea off of their mind. The look of intrigue that they get when you can tell they like the thought. And then when they immediately start spitting out ideas that split off of your base. That construction of your ideas that just spiderwebs like a broken window pane is, hands down, my favorite part of the story construction process.

I just recently had a “eureka moment”. It was (and is) a great idea. I am constantly adding and changing different pieces to the total ideas. Every time I seem to need a small connection or kickstart when i hit the ol’ writer’s block, I bounce an idea off a friend or two, lead them into the dead end I’ve reached, and I let their imagination spark mine. Because of this help and my excitement on the concept, this idea has really taken off. Every night I sit down and write a little more on it. That is something I have never been able to do. Normally, I write a few chapters over a few months and then it fades to nothing. With this idea I have already finished up a few chapters and still building strong. I sure hope this excitement lasts.

I cannot wait for this idea to flourish and writing group to manifest.

So cheers to the future! And cheers to Eureka Moments!


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